Tips on Caring for Milk Teeth Children

Tips on Caring for Milk Teeth Children, For some parents, the baby teeth do not seem to need to be treated, because the baby teeth will fall out by itself. Actually this is completely wrong. Because milk teeth that plays a major role in the growth of the jaw, facial muscles and permanent dental health.

If the milk tooth is lost too early, the permanent tooth will likely not be in the right position may grow sideways or even blocked another gear. In addition, if there is damage to the teeth can also move pda permanent teeth later.

That is why as parents we have to pay attention to the dental health of our baby milk.

- Brush your child's teeth when the teeth grow, usually by using gauze or cotton at the age of one year. For ages 2-4 years you can teach children to brush their teeth properly.

- Use a toothbrush particular periodicals tender child, so that all parts of the teeth can be cleaned easily.

- In order for child diligent brushing, you can use a special toothpaste that the material is safe if ingested by young children.

- If when children often suck their thumbs, should be taught to eliminate this habit, because it will eventually affect the formation of teeth.

- Do not forget to invite children from childhood to a routine visit to the dentist, whether for consultation or solve problems on your child's teeth. At least once in 6 months.

With proper care, your teeth will look great and the child shall certainly healthy.