Baby sleep training - how you feeling of womb mimic

The uterus: The babies on an environment are accustomed to for the entire beginning of her life. There may be very new impulse vibrations in a new world with so much, and it can cause a feeling of insecurity in babies. The best way to help babies sleep better, make the transition, and feel sure some of the feelings of the uterus is to imitate.

Properties of the uterus

So, what does the uterus, that your home does not? Let us think about the environment is baby familiar with:

Many of white noise - he is used to a very noisy environment, what with the outer sounds mixed with the sounds of the body machines
Tight - he is, where everything is close together, in a very small room
Feel supported - it used to touches and supports on the sides and bottom of the uterus, which creates a feeling of comfort touch by
Fetal position - he is laying in the fetal position used, with the arms and legs tightened and in the vicinity of the body
As you read this, might seem as facilitate the birth. The uterus is not very comfortable for us, but it is the baby at home. You can transition and help baby sleep through the imitation of some of these qualities make it easier

Why does this feeling from helping baby sleep? We have already discussed, but it is important enough to still say. Babies, even in the womb, are extremely sensitive to emotions and feelings. Just like you, makes baby sleep well, if it is not relaxed and feel safe.

It comes as a domino effect: If the baby is anxious, or in any other way emotionally disturbed, she can not relax. If you don't relax, and put them in the bed, and leave, she gets more upset that makes it still take longer to relax. Until she relaxes, she can not fall asleep, and wines is carried out.

Swaddle baby

Diapers baby can you help to relax and settle down, because it mimics the proximity to the uterus. Babies can through the free use of their arms and legs after the birth, a feeling that they are not in the womb have must be insecure. Also tend to twitch a little bit after sleep infants and can wake up or be frightened by these natural movements.

Diapers baby is all the time for the first month of life fine, then have baby to properly develop access to her arms and legs. You can however still swaddle baby for a NAP or night to help her sleep.

So what's diapers?

Swaddling is baby wrapping tightly in a blanket, to mimic the feeling of the uterus. Diaper baby of safety and compact feel of the womb recalls.

How to wrap babies

Lay a blanket on the floor and fold a corner around 6 cm in the Middle
Lay baby on his back on the ceiling with his head on the corner of the folded to. The head should be the ceiling so that it is free
Take the corner near the left hand of the child and drag them on babies on the right side, because it secured under baby
Fold the bottom edge of the cover in the direction of the baby Chin, wraps feet baby
Take the corner near the right hand of the child and pull it over baby left, fastening under baby

Important tips
Swaddle baby, if it fully, is clean and dry. Diapers should be a comfortable and comforting experience for baby, and if she is insecure in any way, is to link them bad memories with diapers.
Not swaddle baby, when it is very hot. No nappies keep baby from overheating if it out there very hot or if the baby is in a warm room. This is particularly important, if the baby is a risk factor for SIDS sleep as the overheating.
Listen to the baby so you know when she wants to get out. Baby will kick or squirm when she wants to be free, so look out for these actions. Leave baby if you know it is inconvenient, or feeling can fears and keep baby by relaxing.
Not swaddle baby constantly after the age of one month. You need to access on their limbs to develop fully.